For this video, we have decided that we are going to avoid the concept of having a strong story. Instead, we look to use modern cinematography, design, and performances to create a visually engaging video. Our video will take place in 3 separate scenes with very different visual identities. We feel this is the best approach to create a video that is abstract and interesting in order to follow the aesthetic of the song.


We look to have a combination of dramatic lights that are turning on an off to go from a lit scene to completely dark. When the light comes back on were in different parts of our locations. This will allow us to suspend time and create a very unique visual style to the piece that feels as if its beginning to transcend reality. We will also make most of these lighting transitions to the beat of the song. In these scenes we will integrate girls, a band playing, & Cris performing. But as you will see below, they are not going to be integrated in the traditional music video style. These are elements very reminiscent of old music videos of the late 80s and early 90s from bands such as Genesis and Talking Heads. 


We feel confident in this style because of the simple fact that this era and style has been such an influence in Cris music as of recent. We look to pay homage to these style videos while at the same time, bring it up to date with a modern aesthetic.