Our film opens on establishing shots of an extremely old/untouched Cuban bar. The bar's interior is littered with elements such as vintage bands/orchestra posters, black and white photography, neon lights, and green painted cement walls.


We see a projector with its reels quickly spinning. We pan around and look right into the light emanating from the bright bulb. We then cut to what's being projected on the wall. 


The film showcases various vintage sequences, archival footage of the families arriving from Cuba in Miami in the early 1960s. The power of this imagery begins to unfold as we see plane after plane land with hundreds of Cubans nervously, and joyously arriving in their new home. We cut to various shots of a vintage Porsche driving down Calle Ocho in Little Havana. These shots will be highly stylized and will showcase not only the car but also the neighborhood its touring. As this sequence continues, we begin to hear a subtle build up of the song, along with a voice over that will provide backstory and context to the images that are unfolding on the screen.