We believe an integral part of the brand ecosystem is the brand film. Very few mediums connect more strongly than a film that not only visually showcases your product but can speak to key points along with sharing elements of the lifestyle your brand can offer. The 4K cinematography will showcase the beautiful facility and environment in which your clients will be able to enjoy your various products. We see cinematography as a powerful tool to help inspire and share your vision to prospective clients. Along with leaving you with a powerful 2-3 minute marketing tool, the production of the film leaves you with an endless amount of footage and interview content which can be re-packed, edited, and released in short, more direct formats. This allows for focused content on specific and key ideas about your brand. These topics can range from design, to inspiration, to customer passion. The possibilities are endless. This versatility allows for creating vast deliverables for web, social media, Instagram, and direct to client marketing efforts.

An additional added benefit of shooting in the 4k resolution, is that content can be used as strong photography and film elements for the website design. You can see various examples of how we've used visuals from our brand films in the site design of past projects. We believe this feature is one of the most unique aspects and design elements that make our team's work stand out from the rest.

In conclusion, we feel the value and versatility of the content capture in the brand film makes it a very attractive and important element of the full brand design and experience.