The 3 locations for this video are going to play a critical role in the look and style of the video. Throughout these scenes, we look to have abstract performances with Cris where he is either performing directly into camera or walking as he sings. We will never shoot these in a traditional fashion as the goal is to keep everything feeling somewhat surreal. Even when we integrate female characters, Cris will simply walk past them in the room as they are laying on an extremely modern couch or leaning up against the wall moving to the music in an almost abstract nature. The video will reinforce the idea that everything feels a little different. We will edit the video between all these locations to create a visual identity that stands out and feels surreal.



The 1st location is a post-modern architecture style home. This will allow for clean moves and aesthetic to the music video. Here we look to integrate shots of Cris walking through the space as we reveal elements taking place in the background. Cris will pass a casual 3 piece band as they are performing the song. We will also integrate attractive female talents into these scenes. We may have a shot of Cris performing into camera with extremely modern art work or photography in the background.


The 2nd location is a modern style art gallery with clean lines, florescent lighting, and concert floors. The goal here is to integrate some of our performance shots in a unique and abstract space. We look to integrate the clean lines and architecture to use as another interesting dynamic in the film.


The 3rd and final location will be an extremely large and dark room which we can completely control in order to create dynamic lighting effects. This space will allow so to focus on just shots of Cris both wide and tight and create dramatic lighting effects. When we turn the lights on and off in this environment. We can create extremely interesting visual effects from one scene to the next. In this scene we also look to integrate nude female talent but shoot them in a way where we don't reveal anything. We believe this is a creative and incredible way to integrate sexuality into the video in a unique and tasteful manner. There are examples of it below.