Cinematography & EDITING

Other then the performance, cinematography and editing will be the 2 most important aspects of creating a dynamic and interesting video. It is quite frankly the most important part of this filmThe cinematography & editing of this project will rely heavily on the structure and pace of the song. Although the cinematography will be simple in nature, the lighting style and effect will make it engaging in complex as we move from one location to the next in the film. Following the look and feel of those classic music videos, we will play with dramatic lighting to help sell the effect of going from a lit room to dark and back into another room.



Our art direction will be driven heavily by the sets and lighting we chose to execute this effect. The main art direction for all these sets will be driven by post-modern architecture and art. The furniture selection and images for the art and photography will play a big role in the feel and look of our sets and video background.