The cinematography of this video will contain 2 basic themes and styles. The film will mix both a clean aesthetic blended with high energy handheld cinematography. We want the video to contain very nice and clean shots to help showcase the wardrobe, location, and well designed scenes. At the same time, high energy handheld cinematography will help create a high paced look to match the energy of the song and live band elements.

The film will also contain flawless and creative transitions from one shot to the next. Each shot that is being transitioned from a motion or movement shot will be composed and framed with meticulous attention to design and grids. We want to create a well designed montage of art directed compositions that embody energy and choreographed movement with the girls in combination with Cris’ performance.



Having a heavy hand in Art Direction and styling each composed shot will leverage the visual quality of this film in combination with the motion shots we will be capturing for the transition points. Choreographing the dancers will also add an element of style and heightened energy to each shots as they interact with their placement in each shot. We will be working with a dance choreographer to execute the movements in specific ways for each location chosen to match the wardrobe and performance from Cris.

Cris will be placed among patterns and textures that surround him and allow for the central focus to be on his performance. Some examples would be laying on a bright green grass background with legs designed around him in a circular fashion which will move in a synchronized command. Other ideas will have him walking through composed shots with elements in the foreground while he moves past frame in the background allowing the camera to follow his movement of each focus from foreground action to background movement.

Keeping our composed shots to straight on angles or exact profiles will also give a sense of purposeful design in each shot. This mixed with epic movement and transition elements will create for a stronger visual narrative in mixing design, style and performance shots in the edit.