In the summer of 2012 after having received our RED camera, our team began increasingly interested in the CrossFit sport. This included participation from some of our team, which were training in the sport for their personal workout regimens. As a group, we began becoming increasingly interested in the dynamic of the controversial sport & all the frequent local competitions that were taking place. 

As a group, we began increasingly interested in how many common everyday people were finding the time to train & compete, while keeping their daily professional schedules. This was truly an intriguing narrative that we wanted to share. For 3 months, we followed 3 characters through their daily lives as they prepared, trained, & followed them through their final competition. We are exceptionally proud of this piece hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.


Directed & Shot by Julien Diaz

TRT: 19:01

Special thanks to Randy Valdes & John Llambes