Absolut vodka & Same Day Films

At Merge, we've noticed that many of our clients benefit from immediate exposure of their events, especially in this ever evolving social media landscape. How quickly could we turn around a high quality film with a meaningful narrative to our clients. Here is where Absolut came into the picture.

Art Basel is an international art festival that takes place in Miami Beach every year. Absolut has always had a major presence at Art Basel since it's inception. A few months before the festival, Absolut approached us with quite an ambitious task, produce daily films of the days events to instantly share with it's followers across all social media platforms. We saw our Same Day Films as the perfect fit for them.

screenshot 6.png

The Challenge

The challenge for our team was making sure we didn't deliver mediocre daily highlight films. Being storytellers at heart, it was important for us to delivery a high quality product with a strong multiple day narrative, regardless of the extremely quick turnaround requested by our client for social media. It was important that we engaged our viewers to follows an ongoing narrative, from Ry's backstory as an artist, to his installation, the buildout & all the way through the event's activities. The challenge was telling a story of an ever evolving narrative through our Same Day Films.

The Execution

For the task, we put together a team of highly talented documentary filmmakers & worked diligently through a very detailed schedule. We implemented an overnight editing workflow to deliver edits to the client by the following morning at 8am. Considering most evenings ended at 2am, this detailed workflow was instrumental in making sure we hit our critical & tight deadline. Six days later, we delivered a total of 6 films daily resulting in hundreds of thousands of impressions for Absolut. The project was an overwhelming success & Absolut plans utilizing our Same Day Films in the future.